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High Precision Low Noise Cylindrical Roller Bearing Series (NU204, NJ, NF, NUP)

Basic Info

Model No.:  (NU204, NJ, NF, NUP)

Product Description

Model NO.: (NU204, NJ, NF, NUP) The Number of Rows: Single Material: Bearing Steel Separated: Separated Trademark: LZWB/Buyer′s brand/netural Origin: Wafangdian China Rolling Body: Roller Bearings Outer Dimension: Small and Medium-Sized (60-115mm) Load Direction: Radial Bearing Size: Small and Midium Specification: ISO9001-2008 HS Code: 84825000 Cylindrical Roller Bearing 

Cylindrical roller and race for line contact bearing.Load capacity is big, mainly bear radial load.Roller and ring guard friction small, suitable for high speed rotation.May according to the ring presence of guard, NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, such as single row cylindrical roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearing and NNU, NN and other.The bearing inner ring and outer ring is separable structure.
No guard of cylindrical roller bearing inner ring or outer ring, internal ring and outer ring can be to relative axial movement, so can be used as free end bearing.The one side of the inner ring and outer ring with double guard, on the other side of the ring has a single guard cylindrical roller bearing, can withstand a certain degree of axial load in one direction.General use of stamping steel cage, cage or copper alloy car system entities.But there are also part of the use of polyamide forming keep frame.
High Precision Low Noise Cylindrical Roller Bearing Series (NU204, NJ, NF, NUP)
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Diamm) cage
Item No. Old item No. d*D*B mate.
NU1004M 32104H 20*42*12 Brass
NU1005M 32105H 25*47*12 Brass
NU1006M 32106H 30*55*13 Brass
NU1010M 32110H 50*80*16 Brass
NU1011M 32111H 55*90*18 Brass
N1012M 2112H 60*95*18 Brass
NJ1012M 42112H 60*95*18 Brass
N1018M 2118H 90*140*24 Brass
NU1018M 32118H 90*140*24 Brass
NJ1018M 42118H 90*140*24 Brass
N1019M 2119H 95*145*24 Brass
NU1019M 32119H 95*145*24 Brass
NJ1019M 42119H 95*145*24 Brass
N1020M 2120H 100*150*24 Brass
NU1020M 32120H 100*150*24 Brass
NJ1020M 42120H 100*150*24 Brass
N1022M 2122H 110*170*28 Brass
NU1022M 32122H 110*170*28 Brass
NJ1022M 42122H 110*170*28 Brass
N1024M 2124H 120*180*28 Brass
NU1024M 32124H 120*180*28 Brass
NJ1024M 42124H 120*180*28 Brass
N1026M D2126 130*200*33 Brass
NU1026M C2126 130*200*33 Brass
NU1030 32130H 150*225*35 Brass
NJ1030M 42130H 150*225*35 Brass
150*225*35 Brass
RNU1030M 292130 169.5*225*35 Brass
NU1032M 32132H 160*240*38 Brass
NU1034M 32134H 170*260*42 Brass
NJ1034M 42134H 170*260*42 Brass
NU1036M 32136H 180*280*46 Brass
RNU1036M 292136H 180*280*46 Brass

7002136 180*280*46 Brass
NU1038M 32138H 190*290*46 Brass
NU1040M 32140H 200*310*51 Brass
NJ1040M 42140H 200*310*51 Brass
NU1040M+HJ1040 52140 200*310*51 Brass

7002140 200*310*51 Brass
NU1044M 32144
NJ1044M 42144H
240*360*56 Brass
NU1048Q/C3S0 3E32148QT 120*180*28 Brass
NU1052M 32152 260*400*65 Brass
260*400*65 Brass
NJ1052M 42152 260*400*65 Brass
NUP1052M 92152H 260*400*65 Brass
NU2050M 2032152H 260*400*65 Brass

2032152 260*400*82 Brass
NU1056M 32156 280*420*65 Brass
NJ1056M 42156 280*420*65 Brass
NU1060M 32160 300*460*74 Brass
NJ1060M 42160 300*460*74 Brass
300*460*57 Brass
NU1064M 32164H 320*480*74 Brass
320*480*74 Brass
NJ1064M 42164H 320*480*74 Brass
NJ1064M/02 42164/02 320*480*74 Brass
NUP1064M 92164 320*480*74 Brass
NU1068M 32168 340*520*82 Brass
360*540*82 Brass
NU1072M+HJ1072 52172 360*540*82 Brass
400*600*90 Brass
NUP1080M 92180 400*600*90 Brass
NJ1080 42180 400*600*90 Brass
420*520*46 Brass
N1188 2188 440*720*122 Brass
NU1092M 32192 460*680*100 Brass
NU1956M 1032956 280*380*46 Brass
NU1964M 1032964H 320*440*56 Brass
N203EM 2203H 17*40*20 Brass
NU203EM 32203H 17*40*20 Brass
NJ203EM 42203H 17*40*20 Brass
NF203EM 12203H 17*40*20 Brass
N204EM 2204H 20*47*14 Brass
NU204EM 32204H 20*47*14 Brass
NJ204EM 42204H 20*47*14 Brass
NF204EM 12204H 20*47*14 Brass
N205EM 2205H 25*52*15 Brass
NU205EM 32205H 25*52*15 Brass
NU205EM/S0 32205HT 25*52*15 Brass
NJ205EM 42205H 25*52*15 Brass
NF205EM 12205H 25*52*15 Brass
RN205M 502205H 25*45*15 Brass
RNU205M 292205H 32*52*15 Brass
N206EM 2206H 30*62*16 Brass
NU206EM 32206H 30*62*16 Brass
NU206EM/S0 32206HT 30*62*16 Brass
NJ206EM 42206H 30*62*16 Brass
NF206EM 12206H 30*62*16 Brass
RN206M 502206H 30*53.5*16 Brass
RNU206M 292206H 38.5*62*16 Brass
N207EM 2207H 35*72*17 Brass
NU207EM 32207H 35*72*17 Brass
NU207EM/S0 32207HT 35*72*17 Brass
NJ207EM 42207H 35*72*17 Brass
NF207EM 12207H 35*72*17 Brass
RN207M 502207H 35*61.8*17 Brass
RNU207M 292207H 43.8*72*17 Brass
N208EM 2208H 40*80*18 Brass
NU208EM 32208H 40*80*18 Brass
NJ208EM 42208H 40*80*18 Brass
NF208EM 12208H 40*80*18 Brass
RN208M 502208H 40*70*18 Brass
RNU208M 292208H 50*80*18 Brass
N209EM 2209H 45*85*19 Brass
NU209EM 32209H 45*85*19 Brass
45*85*19 Brass
NJ209EM 42209H 45*85*19 Brass
NF209EM 12209H 45*85*19 Brass
RN209M 502209H 45*75*19 Brass
RNU209M 292209H 55*85*19 Brass
N210EM 2210H 50*90*20 Brass
NU210EM 32210H 50*90*20 Brass
NJ210EM 42210H 50*90*20 Brass
NF210EM 12210H 50*90*20 Brass
N211EM 2211H 55*100*20 Brass
NU211EM 32211H 55*100*20 Brass
NU211EM/S0 32211HT 55*100*20 Brass
NJ211EM 42211H 55*100*20 Brass
NF211EM 12211H 55*100*20 Brass
N212EM 2212H 60*110*32 Brass
NU212EM 32212H 60*110*32 Brass
NJ212EM 42212H 60*110*32 Brass
NF212EM 12212H 60*110*32 Brass
N213EM 2213H 65*120*23 Brass
NU213EM 32213H 65*120*23 Brass
NJ213EM 42213H 65*120*23 Brass
NF213EM 12213H 65*120*23 Brass
N214EM 2214H 70*125*24 Brass
NU214EM 32214H 70*125*24 Brass
NJ214EM 42214H 70*125*24 Brass
NF214EM 12214H 70*125*24 Brass
N215EM 2215H 75*130*25 Brass
NU215EM 32215H 75*130*25 Brass
NJ215EM 42215H 75*130*25 Brass
NF215EM 12215H 75*130*25 Brass
N216EM 2216H 80*140*26 Brass
NU216EM 32216H 80*140*26 Brass
NJ216EM 42216H 80*140*26 Brass
NF216EM 12216H 80*140*26 Brass
N217EM 2217H 85*150*28 Brass
NU217EM 32217H 85*150*28 Brass
NJ217EM 42217H 85*150*28 Brass
NF217EM 12217H 85*150*28 Brass
N218EM 2218H 90*160*30 Brass
NU218EM 32218H 90*160*30 Brass
NJ218EM 42218H 90*160*30 Brass
NF218EM 12218H 90*160*30 Brass
N219EM 2219H 95*170*32 Brass
NU219EM 32219H 95*170*32 Brass
NJ219EM 42219H 95*170*32 Brass
NF219EM 12219H 95*170*32 Brass
N220EM 2220H 100*180*34 Brass
NU220EM 32220H 100*180*34 Brass
NJ220EM 42220H 100*180*34 Brass
NF220EM 12220H 100*180*34 Brass
N221EM 2221H 105*190*36 Brass
NU221EM 32221H 105*190*36 Brass
NJ221EM 42221H 105*190*36 Brass
NF221EM 12221H 105*190*36 Brass
N222EM 2222H 110*200*38 Brass
NU222EM 32222H 110*200*38 Brass
NJ222EM 42222H 110*200*38 Brass
NF222EM 12222H 110*200*38 Brass
N224EM 2224H 120*215*40 Brass
NU224EM 32224H 120*215*40 Brass
NJ224EM 42224H 120*215*40 Brass
NF224EM 12224H 120*215*40 Brass
N226EM 2226H 130*230*40 Brass
NU226EM 32226H 130*230*40 Brass

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